Save Time & Money

Dentaltrax allows both the Dental office and the lab to be more efficient throughout the entire process which saves time and money.

Cloud Based & Secure

Dentaltrax is a secure, stable, and redundant cloud-based system that is 100% HIPAA compliant.

Case Scheduling & Organization

Dentaltrax promotes communication between a Dental office and a lab throughout all stages of a case, which leads to efficient organization for all involved.

Multi Stage Case Tracking

Dentaltrax allows you to track cases from start to finish. The system also sends notifications when a case moves through the different stages of a case.

Built-in Case Collaboration

Dentaltrax includes awesome colaboration features like internal messageing, and case specific notes for you and your team.

Case Feedback Communication

Dentaltrax has a built in feedback feature that allows both the Dental office and lab to leave feedback about a specific case. This helps in communication and case be completed more efficiently in the future.

Built-in Call Scheduling

The built in call scheduling feature allows both the Dental office and the lab to request and schedule calls. This is an efficient way to communicate, and aids in the smooth completion of each case.

What our customers are saying.
The level of communication of communication between my staff and our labs has been greatly elevated because of Dentaltrax. Our days of hunting down a case are over.
Happy staff... Happy Dentist! My staff loves the fact that they know where every case is 24/7. The ease of mind on a day-to-day basis is priceless.